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Their contributions will not be repressed but proclaimed.

No look is complete without great hair. With a combined experience of more than a century, a few professionals came together to agree that great hair stylist do not get enough recognitoon for their work. A great hairstyle makes women, men and even children feel beautiful and sometimes, complete. Hairstyling, especially hair braiding is pure artistry. It is like a painter‘s brush, a writer’s pen, it flows from within. The Rehsa award is created for the purpose of appreciating the contributions of hair stylist, barbers, hair Braiders and creative contributors to the hair industry.

How we got here....

Creativity is the backbone of any industry. In an effort to sustain creativity in the natural hair styling world, RHS (Rent a Hair Stylist) trustee decided to create the Rhesa college to appreciate hair stylist and other industry contributors through recognition. Recognizing hardworking people for their efforts will motivate the younger generation to create, share and sustain the hair industry.

Join the trend... Let’s work together to sustain and transmogrify!

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