Welcome to Rhesa. Feel at home here. 2019 submissions are now closed.

Welcome to the highest award in the hair world!

How to Submit and other guidelines

DM Us.

It’s as easy as that. We currently accept submission through our social media page only. Send us your submission through our instagram page @rehsaawards, be sure to Include your name and category for submission. 

Grounds for disqualification

It is unacceptable to send submission photos for work you didn’t do or photos you do not have exclusive rights to. Stock images are not allowed,  

The work must also be the artistry of the participant.

Blurry photos will automatically be disqualified.


The Rhesa College retains the exclusive right to repost submision photos on their social media pages and at their sole discretion. Photo repost request will not be tolerated. 

There will be no compensation for photos submitted. 

Rent a Hair Stylist LLC and/or other sponsors reserves the exclusive right to reduce or increase prize amounts for any category they choose to sponsor.

Who can submit?

The “Student of the Year” and  “Best Braids” category are open to Hairstyling students and Hair Stylist worldwide.

Deadline for submission

August 5th, 2019.

Late submissions will be accepted until August 15th.

Early submissions will be prioritized.

Thank you for all entries. Submissions are now closed.